The Export And Import Status Of Zinc Oxide Indonesia

The zinc oxide indonesia business has grown significantly over the past two years. We can see it from the export and import status of the zinc oxide indonesia product in this country. For more understanding about this zinc oxide situation, here, we will show you the export and import data of zinc oxide in Indonesia.

Zinc Oxide Export Status

Indonesia has recorded the highest volume of zinc oxide exports in the last two years. The pandemic situation in 2020 halted this flow a bit. But, after that, for two years in a row, Indonesia has successfully reached the top position of the zinc oxide exporter.

As of 2021, Indonesia has exported zinc oxide with a revenue value of $25.3 million. Thanks to this number, Indonesia became the 22nd largest exporter of zinc oxide in the world. Moreover, this number also brought zinc oxide to become the 686th most exported product from Indonesia.

As for export destinations, it was dominated by countries from the Asia Pacific region. Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam are some of them. Among them, Japan, Singapore, and Sri Lanka become the fastest-growing export destinations for zinc oxide products from Indonesia.

Zinc Oxide Import Status

Even though zinc oxide indonesiahas become a significant product in the exporting sector, it doesn’t mean Indonesia didn’t import zinc oxide. According to the data from 2022, Indonesia was the 30th largest importer of zinc oxide in the world. In the same year, zinc oxide also became the 1610th most imported product by Indonesia.

As for import sources, mostly, zinc oxide companies in Indonesia choose South Korea, Chinese Taipei, Philippines, Malaysia, and India. Among those countries, three destinations are known as the fastest-growing import market for Indonesian zinc oxide. They are South Korea, the Philippines, and Chinese Taipei.


The increasing number of exports and imports of zinc oxide also shows the growth of business and industry in Indonesia and the world itself. As you might already know, zinc oxide has become an essential part of various products and industries. Therefore, Indonesia’s zinc oxide also took part in that growth and demand-fulfilling process.

Many experts predict that export and import growth won’t go slow after this. 2023 is the beginning of the significant growth of zinc oxide indonesia. It will stay and keep increasing until 2030, and we believe Indonesia will be able to contribute more to the global zinc oxide market.

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